Bug 182566 - Feature Request: Add support for the ServiceWorkerRegistration's PushManager interface
Summary: Feature Request: Add support for the ServiceWorkerRegistration's PushManager ...
Status: NEW
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Product: WebKit
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Component: Service Workers (show other bugs)
Version: Safari 11
Hardware: Unspecified Unspecified
: P2 Enhancement
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Reported: 2018-02-07 00:56 PST by Thomas Steiner
Modified: 2019-05-21 13:10 PDT (History)
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Description Thomas Steiner 2018-02-07 00:56:43 PST
This Feature Request is to gauge WebKit's interest in implementing the ServiceWorkerRegistration's PushManager interface (https://w3c.github.io/push-api/#pushmanager-interface), aka. "Push API".

It's "live" in Chrome and Firefox (https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5416033485586432), and "in development" in Edge (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/status/pushapi/).
Comment 1 Takahiro Ichihashi 2018-03-16 00:55:20 PDT
Webkit status shows Service Workers is "supported in preview", but I'm afraid this would be incorrect unless Push API is supported. Push API is quite popular reason for current websites to implement Service Workers today. Hoping anyone to start discussing / building this feature. 
Comment 2 Chris Dumez 2018-03-16 08:47:34 PDT
(In reply to Takahiro Ichihashi from comment #1)
> Webkit status shows Service Workers is "supported in preview", but I'm
> afraid this would be incorrect unless Push API is supported. Push API is
> quite popular reason for current websites to implement Service Workers
> today. Hoping anyone to start discussing / building this feature. 
> https://webkit.org/status/#?search=service%20workers

It is a different specification.
Comment 3 Takahiro Ichihashi 2018-03-16 09:41:51 PDT
Agree this is not just a small portion of existing tasks, someone needs to decide and probably creates necessary component category and issues. Wanted to ping you guys that this is a highly expected feature. :) I think there will be complaints against webkit not having pushmanager as part of service workers once it's published more widely. 

Probably chrome folks know the situation pretty well but maybe not giving enough citing/warning here because of browser competitions.
Comment 4 Stefan Sechelmann 2018-03-16 09:57:35 PDT
I suspect this to be a highly political decision which has to be decided by Apple internally. In the end this differentiates if PWAs are first class citizens in iOS or not. If apple opts into WebPush this will cut into its AppStore revenue eventually.
Comment 5 Brady Eidson 2018-03-16 13:04:46 PDT
As we indicated we were doing last year, we’ve implemented the core ServiceWorker spec - https://w3c.github.io/ServiceWorker/ - in trunk WebKit.

Web Push is a different spec that we’ve made no comment on one way or another.

We know there’s interest in implementing the Web Push spec, and thank you for your feedback.

There’s nothing to announce right now, as Apple generally doesn’t comment on future products/development.
Comment 6 tmdoit 2018-11-27 09:52:36 PST
Any updates?
Comment 7 Arno ten Hagen 2019-01-28 11:31:39 PST
We need the Push API! When will it be added? A lot of webdevs are waiting for this feature.
Comment 8 Richard Maher 2019-01-28 20:00:24 PST
Please be aware that the current W3C Push API specification does not support "broadcast" or Topic-based subscriptions such as weather updates, news, etc. To achieve this highly desirable functionality people have had to turn to Firebase :-(
Comment 9 Richard Maher 2019-01-29 22:12:58 PST
Here is a think to a description of the W3C Web API deficiency https://t.co/S9fTNUersU

Maybe Apple and Google can cooperate to produce a Push Protocol that encompasses more use cases than just the Dark Web "I must encrypt all my communication!"
Comment 10 Richard Maher 2019-01-29 23:11:14 PST
Sorry for not adding this potential solution link to previous: -
Comment 11 Maciej Stachowiak 2019-01-30 23:10:45 PST
Comment 12 Michaela Merz 2019-02-07 14:27:54 PST
Push Notification is essential for all interactive web (and pwa) environments. Users are enjoying web-mail, gaming, messaging, rtc-style talking, conferencing and much more that may require (push-) notifications to tell the user about important events if she is not actively on the page. It's sad that we always have to add an (*) to our feature list stating that push notifications are not (yet?) supported on webkit browsers.
Comment 13 Balint H 2019-02-19 06:15:37 PST
Any updates? We need the Push API on iOS. A lot of users (humans) are waiting for this feature.
Comment 14 Michael Flores 2019-03-11 12:26:50 PDT
We'd love to implement push notifications on Bethesda.net, a website used by millions every month to get the latest gaming news. It's not a case where we want to make a native app, but would love the capability of pushing customized notifications to users without them having to be on the site – that's where this API comes in.
Comment 15 Filip Bech-Larsen 2019-03-11 12:34:08 PDT
Push Notifications are such a great features in e-commerce, and it kills me that our iOS users still have to do with old-fashioned email. 
Sure the loyal recurring customer could download the app, but most clients buy once a year, and shouldn't choose between receiving order-updates with a 150mb app or getting along with email in our instant web-experience.
Comment 16 Arthur 2019-03-11 13:06:54 PDT
It would be awesome if Safari on iOS at least supported its proprietary format from macOS. It would be much better than nothing.
Comment 17 Romulo Cintra 2019-03-11 15:03:38 PDT
It would be a game changer for all web app developers having some kind of Push Notifications implemented in iOS. Probably with similar implementation from the native ones the way fits better but is really needed to have it cross-platform way
Comment 18 James 2019-03-11 16:36:44 PDT
Push API would be a very useful API for the types of apps I am developing. I do not currently have the Push API because almost all of my users are on iOS but if WebKit delivers signals of implementation I would begin working on including the feature immediately.
Comment 19 Edmond 2019-03-15 15:22:18 PDT
Two of my customers (small and large startups) are eagerly anticipating the notifications feature to be supported on iOS. Your work and progress on this is much appreciated by developers and small businesses, like these two in Denmark, Copenhagen.
Comment 20 collimarco91 2019-03-24 14:53:07 PDT
+1 For the Push API. I work at Pushpad and we receive so many emails from customers that ask about iOS support. I think that many people are waiting for this feature and Safari on iOS is the only browser that doesn't support it.
Comment 21 Glenn Hansen 2019-03-28 07:00:17 PDT
Push Notifications is such a vital feature for user engangement. And having to either create a Passbook workaround, or wrap the PWA inside a cordova app (Which might be denied from the app store, as it's just a website, with notifications).
Many of our clients can't afford to have both a web page and a seperate app under development, and are eagerly awaiting this feature.
Comment 22 Sheridan 2019-03-28 08:16:13 PDT
Adding my support for this feature - it would be an important game changer in allowing users to have a better experience with PWAs on iOS.
Comment 23 Francois 2019-04-02 01:44:38 PDT
+1. This is #2 missing PWA feature on iOs imho (#1 being "Add to Home Screen"). Thanks!
Comment 24 Nicolas Hoizey 2019-04-02 04:20:06 PDT
Most of my clients still refuse to consider PWAs as a viable alternative to most iOS apps because they want a way to (re)engage their users, and Push Notifications are the only way on the Web.

They did change their mind for Android, and got great results, so they now consider iOS as a painful platform to work with.
Comment 25 Kiere El-Shafie 2019-04-04 20:32:59 PDT
Adding my support for this feature.  Our app is launching as PWA-only at first and push notifications are a critical component to alert our users of new content.
Comment 26 Naseef Fatemi 2019-04-05 02:42:21 PDT
Adding this feature would do wonders for the E-commerce websites already on our platform. 

It would give them an opportunity to help reach thousands of customers who doesn't want to get an app but still be reminded of offers and new additions that come to that Store!
Comment 27 dom 2019-04-08 10:02:16 PDT
+1 -- highly desirable to improve the quality of homescreen PWAs.
Comment 28 Arthur Taylor 2019-04-09 07:29:35 PDT
+1 this feature really would make all the difference to delivering meaningful and valuable PWAs
Comment 29 jjitl 2019-04-09 10:32:05 PDT
+1 interested in web push to help standardize organizational communications
Comment 30 Philipp 2019-04-09 14:02:14 PDT
+1 Would be great to have this
Comment 31 aarontgrogg 2019-04-10 04:24:11 PDT
Yes please, this is a huge feature!
Comment 32 Ernst 2019-04-15 01:38:34 PDT
+1 Clients are beginning to ask for PWAs with Push Notifications.
Comment 33 bender 2019-04-18 15:32:35 PDT
Forcing apps to go through an app store and pay 30% is anticompetitive. Apple needs to stop being jerks and allow developers the option to create PWAs with similar functionality to native, or will risk the hammer from regulators.
Comment 34 Jesús 2019-04-18 17:50:21 PDT
+1 this feature would help to create more amazing web applications.
Comment 35 Pixelstyle 2019-04-29 00:10:58 PDT
+1 I would love to see this feature. It would make live so much easier.
Comment 36 Bas 2019-04-29 00:12:49 PDT
+1 It would be great to have this!
Comment 37 pp33pp22 2019-05-02 05:31:18 PDT
+1 It would be great to have this!
Comment 38 lobachov 2019-05-02 16:31:19 PDT
Come on, guys, we really need this feature. We are going to make a PWA for some banks and wit will be very awesome to send push-notfications about every transaction.
Comment 39 Kayhan Ogretir 2019-05-20 00:44:38 PDT
Hi guys. Please let us know if this feature will not be implemented because of some strategic decision given by Apple people. PWA apps are serious thread to App Store in my opinion. If so, we should not invest on PWA tech.