Bug 41521

Summary: Safari and WebKit crashes and fails to loads pages at first run
Product: WebKit Reporter: Mr. Gecko <GRMrGecko>
Component: JavaScriptCoreAssignee: Nobody <webkit-unassigned>
Severity: Normal CC: ap, GRMrGecko
Priority: P2    
Version: 528+ (Nightly build)   
Hardware: Macintosh   
OS: OS X 10.6   
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Crash Report of my recent crash none

Description Mr. Gecko 2010-07-02 07:22:54 PDT
Created attachment 60366 [details]
Crash Report of my recent crash

Ever since Safari 5 came out, me and my friends has experienced crashes due to the JavaScriptCore. I didn't run any tests to see if the problem was plugins that I have or extensions because it happens randomly, usually when I open a new link. I do know for a fact that it happens on my friends computers which does not have plugins but they do have extensions. Usually after the crash, I cannot load any pages until I quit and reopen Safari (Nightly as well.) My friend says that he hasn't experienced that problem and maybe it could be just that I'm reopening the windows from the previous session as I usually have a lot open, in the range of 12-20 pages.

If you would like more information/tests to be done, don't hesitate to tell me, I am a developer so I can do a lot of things.
Comment 1 Alexey Proskuryakov 2010-07-02 11:53:50 PDT
There is indeed a large chance that an unsupported "enhancer" hack is to blame for the crash.

0x1c5da000 - 0x1c5daff7 +ws.agile.1PasswordAddition 3.2.1 (30653) <6081CDD2-EACB-9E77-2771-765F6A7363F7> /Users/grmrgecko/Library/ScriptingAdditions/1Password Addition.osax/Contents/MacOS/1Password Addition
0x1f41e000 - 0x1f421ff7 +net.culater.SIMBL.osax 0.9.7 (0.9.7) <ADABA540-531E-706F-D0E5-FD3EA152172E> /Library/ScriptingAdditions/SIMBL.osax/Contents/MacOS/SIMBL
0x1f67c000 - 0x1f697ff7 +net.infinite-labs.Afloat 2.2 (2.2) <62EE2BC8-8625-DED6-C919-7E54759069FA> /Users/grmrgecko/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/Afloat.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Afloat
0x1f6a6000 - 0x1f795ff7 +ws.agile.1PasswordWebKit 3.2.1 (30653) <34519DAC-FDC0-D49D-B294-A3E3F9525174> /Users/grmrgecko/Library/Application Support/1Password/Extensions/30653/WebKitExtension.bundle/Contents/MacOS/WebKitExtension
0x2f85d000 - 0x2f913fe7 +com.ambrosiasw.audio.wiretapanywhere.halplugin 1.0.7 (1.0.7) <BCE21EB9-AB50-7CB6-CC3F-E62278CEA704> /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/WireTapAnywhere.plugin/Contents/MacOS/WireTapAnywhere

In general, please submit crash reports to Apple for unreproducible crashes (by allowing to send information to Apple via a crash). There isn't a lot we can do with un-aggregated data in Bugzilla unless a problem is reproducible.
Comment 2 Mr. Gecko 2010-07-22 20:20:02 PDT
Yeah, it appeared to be Click to Flash, so I'm replacing it with an extension I'm writing.