Bug 22492

Summary: UTF7 test cases from bug 21635 fail on some buildbots
Product: WebKit Reporter: Darin Fisher (:fishd, Google) <fishd>
Component: FormsAssignee: Jungshik Shin <jshin>
Severity: Normal CC: ap
Priority: P2    
Version: 528+ (Nightly build)   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Description Flags
patch (utf-7 files, changelog, php files)
patch (include everything - binary or not)
updated patch that works without iconv module in php darin: review+

Description Darin Fisher (:fishd, Google) 2008-11-25 13:03:48 PST
UTF7 test cases from bug 21635 fail on some buildbots

They were disabled here:

This bug is about restoring the tests and fixing whatever caused the buildbots to be unhappy.
Comment 1 Mark Rowe (bdash) 2008-11-25 14:24:39 PST
See <http://build.webkit.org/results/trunk-mac-intel-release/6226/results.html> for examples of the failing output.
Comment 2 Jungshik Shin 2008-12-01 20:12:09 PST
I have been puzzled as to why only utf-7 cases failed on buildbot while locally they all pass (on Mac OS X with webkit and on Windows with Chrome). Looking at results.html file, I thought somehow '/' is prepended to the path for php files ('/resources/echo-query-param.php' instead of 'resources/echo-query-param.php'), but had no idea how. 

 I've just set up webkit build environment on Windows as well and realized that utf-{16,32}{be,le} html files were missing.  I scratched the head and took a look at http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/38755. They're indeed missing. It turned out that 'patch'  *silently* ignores binary files.

That still did not explain why utf-7 (for which html and result files were landed) cases failed. On Windows webkit, those tests timed out. Only then did I realize that I made a blunder of not including resources/echo-query-param.php and resources/check-query-param.php in the patch for bug 21635. 

I'm uploading a tar.gz file (for binary files) and a patch file that includes  2 php files and ChangeLog. 

Comment 3 Jungshik Shin 2008-12-01 21:21:33 PST
Created attachment 25661 [details]
patch (utf-7 files, changelog, php files)

This patch enables UTF-7 tests again and adds two PHP files that I should have incldued in the patch for bug 21635.
Comment 4 Jungshik Shin 2008-12-02 09:51:13 PST
Created attachment 25674 [details]
patch (include everything - binary or not)

This patch includes everything (utf-16,32 files as well as utf-7 tests and php scripts) necessary for this bug and bug 21635.  It turned out that  'svn-apply' can deal with b64-encoded binary files.
Comment 5 Jungshik Shin 2008-12-02 10:55:58 PST
Created attachment 25676 [details]
updated patch that works without iconv module in php

With the previous patch, tests timed out on Windows (webkit) perhaps because php in cygwin does not have iconv module. After converting php to perl, I realized that iconv module is not necessary at all in php, which turned out to be the case. 
This patch is the same as the previous one except that php scripts do not have 3 iconv function calls at the beginning.
Comment 6 Darin Adler 2008-12-03 12:32:36 PST
Comment on attachment 25676 [details]
updated patch that works without iconv module in php

Comment 7 Alexey Proskuryakov 2008-12-03 23:30:30 PST
Committed revision 38988.

We usually use patches rooted at top level WebKit directory - when landing this, I blindly issued svn-apply at top level directory as usual, and had to clean up a lot of misplaced files, because it was supposed to be applied in LayoutTests/.
Comment 8 Jungshik Shin 2008-12-04 13:23:08 PST
(In reply to comment #7)
> Committed revision 38988.

Thank you for checking the patch  in and sorry for 'mis-rooting' it. I was lazy and made the patch for LayoutTests to avoid pick up other changes lurking around in WebCore. I'll make sure to make patch from the top of the tree. 

Comment 9 Alexey Proskuryakov 2008-12-04 14:05:55 PST
No problem.

FYI, both prepare-ChangeLog and svn-create-patch take a space-separated list of files/directories to scan, so it's possible to skip unneeded changes, or just speed up their operation, e.g.:

svn-create-patch WebCore LayoutTests/ChangeLog LayoutTests/fast/encoding