Bug 18048

Summary: The "thisObject" parameter to JSEvaluateScript is not used properly
Product: WebKit Reporter: Scott Thompson <easco>
Component: JavaScriptCoreAssignee: Sam Weinig <sam>
Severity: Normal    
Priority: P2    
Version: 525.x (Safari 3.1)   
Hardware: Mac   
OS: OS X 10.5   

Description Scott Thompson 2008-03-24 14:14:06 PDT
I created some code that tried to use JSEvaluateScript to pass a script to an object.  My expectation was that the script would be evaluated in the context of the object passed into the "thisObject" parameter, but I found that the script is always evaluated in the global context.

For example, I tried to do something like

JSObjectRef myDocumentObject = GetObjectRefForDocument(<some document here>);
JSEvaluateScript(jsContext, myScript, myDocumentObject, ... other args ...);

I wanted to pass the script:


but that came up with a type error.  I had to use:


Which says to me that the script was evaluated in my global context, and not the context of my document object.
Comment 1 Sam Weinig 2008-03-24 19:27:59 PDT
Fix landed in r31267.